Armstrong fire pumps

Armstrong fire pumps manufacture pumps to all fire codes and standards, FM approved, UL listed ULC, LPC and BS/EN codes. Armstrong is a leader in applications engineering and code consulting. Active in numerous international fire protection codes and standards development organisations, we bring our expertise to the industry to improve fire protection systems globally and to assist our customers in “doing it right” with our products.

To further support the fire protection industry, we offer space and cost-saving product solutions, industry-leading design software, electronic learning tools, and world-wide service through our world-class Sales and Service Representatives. Recognising that our product is only as good as what goes into it, we are committed to supplying the highest quality fire pumps, electric motors, diesel engines, pump controllers and accessories available anywhere in the world.

BS/EN - LPCB Pumps

Armstrong end suction pumps -  radially split, top centre line discharge, self-venting casing.
The pump construction in ductile iron, bronze fitted and fitted with mechanical seal, - option for soft packing available.
The shaft is supported by two standard ball-bearings in an oil filled housing c/w standard oil seals.
The back pullout design allowing the complete rotating assembly to be removed without disturbing the casing piping connections. 
Each pump is supplied with an automatic cooling valve in brass 

FM/UL listed Pumps

FM/UL listed pumps are available in end suction, horizontal split casing and vertical turbine options.
Pump construction in ductile iron casing, bronze fitted with packed gland.
Shafts are generally sleeved in stainless steel and each stuffing box is fitted with a three-piece bronze gland. 
Stuffing boxes are fitted with a stuffing box extension to facilitate the packing rings removal. 
Packing rings are removable without disturbing wetted parts or the pump bearings.
Water seal rings made from non-corroding material shall be piped to pump volute.

Fully packaged pump houses

Armstrong integrated pump houses – in house design and build Armstrong pioneered packaged plant room development utilising 3D modelling computer systems;
Which enable the entire plant to be built “virtually” prior to construction. This eliminates clashes, fit-up errors and other unexpected situations that arise, typically with traditional methods. A comprehensive parts library includes many thousands of parts, rigidly controlled, managed and updated for accuracy and validity. This information includes s dry and wet weights, manufacturer’s details, etc…

Armstrong jockey pumps

Armstrong vertical multistage pumps -  centre line suction/discharge, vented top casing.The pump construction in stainless steel and fitted with mechanical seal. The design allows for the complete pump to be removed without disturbing the pipe connections. 

Jockey Controllers

A range of DOL controllers to LPC rules. Initiation is via pressure switch. Controllers are standard in an IP55 enclosure and are complete with a door mounted isolator

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